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Oak Hill Real Estate

This village is situated on a landform known since the mid-17th century as Oak Hill, and one of the seven principal elevations of Newton (the others being Nonantum Hill, Waban Hill, Chestnut Hill, Bald Pate Hill, Institution Hill, and Mount Ida.

Oak Hill Park, a post-World War II subdivision of approximately 412 houses was built on a gravel quarry for the returning GI’s. The Oak Hill Park development coincided with expansion in housing in various areas of Newton following the war, when underdeveloped land was utilized to create affordable housing for the returning veterans. Many of these original post-World War II houses still exist while others have been replaced with newer, usually larger homes.


News in Oak Hill

How about a tour of Newton? I’ll drive!

I met Rebecca & Sam through my son Nathan's basketball program last winter. They are both scientists with 2 young kids and not nearly enough space in their current, but very small Cape Cod style home. 1100 square feet might seem like enough space but as the kids...

When listing a home your online presence is CRUCIAL

95% of of 1st impressions for a real estate are online. That means the first showing for the property does not take place during a drive-by, nor is it in an expensive, printed print marketing piece. It's not at an Open House, not at a private showing and it's most...