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Newton Corner Homes & Real Estate

In the 18th and 19th centuries, when people in Boston and elsewhere referred to “Newton”, they meant what later came to be known as “Newton Corner.” The village of Newton (Corner) had the most developed and lively commercial center of all of Newton’s villages.

Newton Corner is the site of the oldest European settlement in the city of Newton, and the oldest place to be called “Newton” (originally “New Town“).

The village is the home of the West Suburban YMCA, and many schools – Lincoln-Eliot, Underwood, Bigelow Middle School, Newton-Country Day School, Mount Alvernia High School and the Carroll Center for the Blind.

Boston College’s second campus is in Newton Corner.  Village landmarks include the Newton Corner Bell, and the colonial East Parish Burying Ground. The village is known for its beautiful Farlow, Chaffin and Kenrick Parks, and for its many fine places of worship.

Newton Corner is also home to Jackson Homestead, the City Museum, which is also where the Tuesday Evening Folk Concerts take place in the summer.


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