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If you ever have the opportunity to connect me to a “potential” buyer or seller, please don’t hold back! People that make excellent referrals for me are anyone who has recently changed jobs, got engaged, married, pregnant, divorced, had a child, received inheritance or had a death in the family. Also people who don’t want to deal with construction make great referrals referrals!

Please – never worry about whether the person isn’t ready (meaning they will buy or sell in 1,2 or 10 years). I am happy to meet with anyone remotely interested in learning about the buying or selling process or just wants to talk about the market. If someone wants to know how much their home is worth – again that’s an excellent referral for me. Again, please let me decide if if they are ready to buy or sell.

Key phrases to initiate this discussion are:
* have you ever thought about buying?
* have you ever thought about selling?
* do you know how much your home is worth?
* you should really interview my friend Chris… he really knows his stuff!

And again I SO SO appreciate your trust in me and willingness to connect me with people in your lives.
Thanks again!