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I do a lot of relationship marketing. In fact that’s been a key element to me building my business over the last 5 years. I run three networking groups based here in Newton, attend countless events, drink numerous cups of coffee, visit office buildings and retail stores and through it all I’ve met a ton of wonderful people. Some of them I connect with, others I don’t. But the adventure of it all is great.  And I love building my business on relationships – to me it’s an authentic way to do it. And it’s fun. And it suits me.

I think maybe what I want to learn about each of these people when I meet them for the first time is what drives them? I don’t know the answer to that question when I walk in the room. But I certainly try and figure it out.  “Why did you get into your line of work?’ I ask.  Why do you get up so early in morning or why do you work weekends? Are you passionate about what you do? Why do you take late night phone calls and how about the physical side of the job – does it take a toll on you?  Well it’s all about your why as I see it – and I hope I get a chance to hear more about their why.

For me? Well I love my work. I’m passionate about it. Not only is it a good fit for who I am as a person, it leverages my skills sets, my personality, my ability to work independently, my ability to bring people together and put them at ease, but it pays the bills and it allows me to be the parent and the husband that I want to be. Take a look at the picture of my beautiful family – and you’ll better understand my why. They are what drives me. They are why I work as hard as I do – and why my customers get 100% from me when I take them on.

If you’d like to partner with me in doing business or consider referring me to someone you know…. I’d be happy to sit down and talk to you about my WHY and learn more about yours.  I think once we get to know each other, understand the motives and drive behind it all the barriers will come down and the opportunity to team up and support one another will emerge. I look to it!