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I met Rebecca & Sam through my son Nathan’s basketball program last winter. They are both scientists with 2 young kids and not nearly enough space in their current, but very small Cape Cod style home.

1100 square feet might seem like enough space but as the kids begin to grow, and the stuff begins to accumulate that home might feel small! While they love Nonantum (which is the village in Newton where they currently live), there is not nearly enough space for their growing family in that little house. They are also tired of the care required to maintain an outdated, older home built in the early 50’s. So their goal is to purchase a larger home that was more recently constructed – that’s updated but not too fancy – on a quiet street in a nice neighborhood here in Newton. They’re not worried about their kids changing schools (they’re flexible on that point) so moving to another Village is okay. The problem is while they’ve lived in Newton for a number of years, they really haven’t explored it much. They’re just too busy with their work and with the care of their kids to get out and explore much… so this is where I fit in. I can help!

They have asked that I give them a tour of Newton! Sure no problem! I’ve done it many times before. In fact there is a certain route I like to take – and certain spots in each of the villages that I like to stop along the way. So I’ll plan it out and we’ll do it soon! It’s also a great way to get to know each other – by spending some time in the car together, learning about the Buyer’s interests, values, style, concerns etc. We drink coffee, chat. It’s fun. This will help them identify some target neighborhoods where they hope to settle into a new construction home for the long haul.

If you know a Newton area (or out of town) individual or family who’s looking to make a change and who would benefit from a tour of Newton, feel free to connect me! I’d be happy to help.