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Preparing in advance can really make a difference!
1. Isolate a spot in your file cabinet for a folder…. or set up an electronic folder to store notes and ideas related to your upcoming move. Consider using a application like Evernote which allows you to capture notes cross-platform and share them them easily with your family and friends.
2. Ensure that you are keeping track of all of the people and organizations within your life who might be affected by your move. It might a wise decision to think of putting all of this contact information in one single place so that when you actually get up and relocate, you can notify each of these people and parties with your change of address.
3. Contact a local moving company to help you with your relocation or move. Consider asking friends and family for a referral. Feel free to contact me directly if you’d like some suggestions for local companies that come highly recommended.
4. Inventory all of the items in your possession. Then begin to talk with those in your household about what should stay and what should go. Plan and arrange for the sale or donation of unwanted items. Trust me, this approach makes a whole lot more sense than getting rid of these items after you’re in your new place!
5. Consider all of the packing materials that you might need for your upcoming move. Boxes, packing paper, box tape and plastic wrap for moving are all things which you might want to consider (unless of course you plan on having a professional company pack you up with their own materials).
6. Begin the packing process. Start with all of the non-essential items that you don’t need on a day to day basis. Pack up the boxes, seal them, and mark them clearly. I’d suggest you you write what is contained within each box, and the room name that the box should be delivered to.
7. Be very careful when you begin to disassemble furniture and other items. Small pieces often get lost in during home transitions. It’s Important that you keep track of these small parts and that you keep them labeled too!
8. If you have children (or pets), find someone to help care for them on moving day. Plan on this being a whirl-wind experience and one that will require your full energy and attention.
9. Find a place in your home for all the items that you DO NOT want the moving company to bring to your new home. Examples might include valuables such as jewelry, personals, medicine, private documents, family heirlooms, antique furniture, artwork and fragile collectibles.
And of course…. if you need help along the way, give me a call! My number is 617-909-9669. I look forward to our discussion!