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Prepping for sale is so important. I prefer to meet with Sellers way in advance of the sale to discuss the property condition and really ensure it’s fully buttoned up. This includes completing projects (small or large) before we put the property on the market. And of course ensuring that all  of your permits are closed out.
Just to impress upon you the importance of this – let me tell you about a house I’m selling that I currently have under agreement in Waltham. My Seller made an agreement with the Buyers that he would complete several projects before closing (that should have been done before listing) and he continues to neglect to do so. So we continue to push the closing due to plumbing jobs that need to be done and final permitting, too. While the Buyers have been nothing but gracious and patient through the deal…… it has put strain on the transaction. And every time we ask for an extension (more time) we risk the Buyers walking away from the deal and us starting over.
So if you know anyone considering the sale of the home in the next few years, PLEASE recommend to them that a Real Estate Agent evaluate the condition of the home in advance of the listing. My recommendation is to ensure that condition is at least good if not excellent so as to avoid issues post inspection and limit the chance of you ruffling feathers with potential Buyers down the road.